I am alone.

The world which shook at my feet, and the trees, and the sky, have gone, and I am alone now, alone.

The wind bites now, and the world is grey, and I am alone. Can’t see me. Doesn’t see me.

Can’t. See me.


Doctor Who S08E01, Deep Breath

The moment I fell in love with twelve (again).

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Mom: Why aren’t you breathing?


When the Doctor tells you to hold your breath, you hold your breath.

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You buy this ship, treat her proper - she’ll be with your for the rest of your life.

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Thank you all soooooooooooooo much for joining us for our livetumblring of the Doctor Who Series 8 US-premiere Deep Breath!

It was a long time coming yet it seemed to go by so fast!

If you’re watching on bbcamerica keep watching for the world premiere of intrudersbbca​ followed by the Doctor Who live post-show, After Who Live with nerdist's Chris Hardwick, Mark Gatiss, Dan Starkey (Strax!), Alton Brown, and nataliemorales!


We are still tagging our Deep Breath posts with #dw spoilers and #deep breath so if you haven’t seen the episode yet, block those tags. (Unless you’re already blocking those which means you’re not reading this post so there’s no point in you reading these words.)


In the meantime, enjoy the After Who! We’ll be in our dash all night looking at your reactions and sending things up to the blog here and there.


Cheers, you hugging persons you!

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come into bed and listen to the rain with me

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Doctor Who - Season 8 - Intro

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"I don’t like her ma’am, I love her. And as to different; shes a lizard."

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Doctor who. The only show where you can have a lesbian lizard alien.

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"I don’t like her ma’am, I love her. And as to different; shes a lizard."

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"Is this how time normally passes? Really slowly, in the right order?"

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